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Tips for Seniors to Maximize their Medical Appointments

Tips for Seniors to Maximize their Medical Appointments

When it’s time for our senior loved ones to go to their regular appointments with their doctors, it’s important to remember that these professionals are there to help your loved one. As such, don’t ever hesitate or feel embarrassed to raise your questions especially when it comes to your loved one’s welfare. As your trusted provider of quality Homecare in Allen, Texas, we would like to extend the following helpful tips when keeping a loved one company to their doctor’s appointments.

  • Be ready with a list of questions to ask your doctor. This list can keep you guided on what important matters to report to them so that you can also make the most of your appointment.
  • If your loved one has been taking medications previously described, report any incident of allergic reactions or other results to your loved one.
  • Avoid feeling ashamed asking about the seemingly embarrassing questions, especially when these concerns pertain to some personal aspects of your loved one’s health.
  • If you can’t be there to accompany your loved one, assign a Caregiver in Texas who can keep your loved one company. The assistant can help remember the doctor’s instructions.
  • When your doctor’s instruction or answer is not clear, don’t hesitate to ask for further clarification. Always see to it that you leave the doctor’s office fully confident that you have grasped their instructions correctly.
  • Ensure that your loved one has received an updated list of prescription or other instructions before you leave the clinic.
  • Don’t forget to ask your doctor about the medications of your loved one, especially on finding out which ones need to be continued and which ones need to be stopped.
  • Maintain a list of medicines that your loved one has taken over the years. If you can’t remember them all, at least maintain a list of medicines that you do remember.

For medication management assistance at home, our Personal Care attendants can assist you to ensure correct adherence. If you need this service, contact Althea Homecare.

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