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Tips and Items That Make It Easier to Help Your Mom Shower

Showering daily can dry the skin. It’s not necessary for your mom to have a daily shower if she doesn’t want to, but she still does need to take a shower every now and then to remove oil, dirt, and sweat from her body.

If she’s at a point where she needs help showering, it can be difficult for both of you. These items and tips can help make showers easier to handle.


A Shower Seat

Senior Care Dallas, TX: Tips and Items That Make It Easier to Help Your Mom Shower
Senior Care Dallas, TX: Tips and Items That Make It Easier to Help Your Mom Shower

If your mom has a hard time standing in place, a shower seat is essential. Purchase one that has suction cups to keep it from sliding on the bathtub or shower floor. Armrests can be useful for helping her stand back up.

Make sure the shower seat is heavy-duty and can support her weight. Some have much higher maximum weight loads than others.


Warm Towels

While you’re washing your mom, keep warm towels on hand. Uncover the area that you’re currently washing and keep the rest of her wrapped up. When you’ve washed all of her, dry her with one more dry towel and wrap her up in a warm bathrobe.

You can use a microwave to warm them up or invest in a towel warmer. You can find towel warmers for less than $100 in many online retailers.


A Hand-Held Shower Wand

For rinsing hair or specific areas of the body, a hand-held shower wand is important. Many have different massage settings that can make the water pressure softer or harder to meet her preferences.


A Long-Handled Body Brush

When you’re washing her, you could use a bath glove, but you both might feel more at ease if you use a long-handled shower wand. Some have brushes and others have shower poofs. They’ll help put distance between your hand and your mom’s body, which can be a little more comforting.


A Spray Moisturizer

Keep your mom’s skin moist by spraying it with a moisturize when she’s clean. Aquaphor makes a spray-on moisturizer that’s good for delicate, dry skin. You could also make one using distilled water, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, pure vegetable glycerin, and a few drops of a preferred essential oil. Making your own may be preferred if you want to avoid things like petroleum or butane.

Have you considered having a senior care aide help your mom with showers? It’s an intimate task, and she may not be comfortable with you being the person helping her. A senior care aide is trained in techniques that make showering and personal hygiene less embarrassing. Call an agency to talk about having someone help your mom with bathing, personal care, and grooming.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Care in Dallas, TX please contact the caring staff at Althea Homecare today at 972-245-4458.

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