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Senior Care: Four Common Medication Mistakes

Senior Care: Four Common Medication Mistakes

Senior life can be very rewarding. It’s just that sometimes, the higher our age, the more pills we need to take. Health problems are common as we grow older. That’s why it’s not surprising when seniors have to juggle two or more kinds of medication every day.

It would be easy if seniors take their prescriptions correctly. Otherwise, medication mismanagement can become another health threat to worry about.

As providers of Homecare in Allen, Texas, Althea Homecare rounds up four common medication errors among seniors – and surprisingly, these mistakes are just as common among patients from all walks of life.

  1. Wrong Pill
    When you’re taking several different pills, they can easily get mixed up. The best way to avoid taking the wrong pill is by double checking the labels.
  2. Wrong Time
    Medications are designed to work for a specific period of time depending on the dosage that your doctor prescribed. It would help if you keep a chart of your medication schedule in a conspicuous area at home.
  3. Wrong Route
    Some medications are designed for oral intake, others may be taken via IV. Be sure to check your physician’s instructions on the prescribed route or intake method.
  4. Improper Storage
    Do you read the medication labels or package inserts thoroughly? You should because the storage instructions can be found there. Proper storage may seem like a minute detail but it’s critical to maintain the medication’s potency before its expiration date.

As a team of Caregivers in Texas, part of our responsibilities is giving medication reminders to seniors. When giving these reminders, we do our best to emphasize the importance of taking extra caution with medications because small mistakes can become big problems later on. The last thing we want is for you or your loved one to experience health complications because of missed doses or interchanging pills that look the same.

In addition to giving reminders to the senior, we also involve family members in our effort to prevent medication mistakes. We believe that medication management, elderly assistance, Personal Care, and all its related aspects can only be successful when everyone in the household is on board.

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