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Oral Care: Brush up with the Basics

Oral Care: Brush up with the Basics

Due to unstable health, oral hygiene is moving towards the bottom of the priority list in many older adults. The tasks involved in mouth care are simple, yet for seniors, the quick 5-minute brushing every after a meal may become a complicated routine.

The deluge of information on the internet about oral hygiene is overwhelming. Several include different studies on the correlation between oral care and overall wellness. One of the subjects of the research is the seniors. Results show that their low compliance in personal care has a direct result in their quality of life overall well-being.

While information has helped many older adults to give importance to mouth care, adult children have a role to play in the hygiene of their loved ones. Things such as reminding them to brush provide long-term benefits. Providers of homecare in Allen, Texas, share the basic practice for oral hygiene.

  • Brushing the teeth
    Skipping this part can result in oral disease. It’s a short routine which doesn’t take much effort. For seniors who can’t hold their toothbrush properly, an adult child can chime in for help.
  • Flossing
    Plaque can easily build up in between teeth, and flossing prevents this to happen. While flossing, a senior can self-examine the mouth for any swelling or gum problem.
  • Rinsing with mouthwash
    Aside from giving that fresh breath feeling, a mouth rinse gives germ-killing and anti-cavity benefits. It boosts the effects of brushing and flossing. With regular use, it eliminates bad breath.

Many seniors have established a good oral routine doing basic care reliably, and other times, with home care support. If you’re looking for a caregiver in Texas to help with the personal hygiene of a senior parent, give Althea Homecare a call.

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