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How to Promote Elderly Dignity in Home Care

How to Promote Elderly Dignity in Home Care

Ensuring dignified care is one of our aims as a provider of Homecare in Allen, Texas. We know how important it is for our elderly loved ones to preserve their dignity. When they feel that you are promoting their dignity, they can be more cooperative with your assistance. Senior persons can feel otherwise when other people are helping them out.

You know that your senior loved one needs some help. But how do you do that without compromising their sense of dignity? Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Always offer your help

    Even if you know that your aging loved one has mobility issues, avoid running to their rescue if they attempt to get up from their seats. Instead, offer to them your help. When you let them decide on their own whether or not they want your help, you are also letting them feel that they are capable. This way, they feel that you are honoring their dignity.

  • Give them the freedom to choose

    Our aging loved ones will have preferences in many things. For instance, they want certain sets of clothes. They can also prefer a certain way of cooking their meals. As Personal Care providers, we encourage you to allow them this freedom. You can even ask them what they want. If you let them choose, you’re also empowering them. You’re helping them feel that even as an elderly, they are not completely limited with their choices.

  • Respect them at all times

    It is always to our benefit when we respect other people, but more so when they are our loved ones. We can show our respect by speaking to them in gentle words. We can also be respectful when we always include them in our conversations. For instance, if you’re talking to their Caregiver in Texas, ask them about what they think of your suggestion.

At Althea Homecare, we are here to support you in caring for your loved one. When you need our help, you can trust that we provide dignified care because you deserve this. Don’t forget to share!

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