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How Home Care Can Help Keep Your Senior Safe

When a senior parent or loved one desires to stay at home for as long as possible but begins to need daily care, one of the main worries of adult children is their safety.

While they may have been perfectly capable of living alone and handling daily functions such as cooking, cleaning, bill paying, and housework, when physical or cognitive impairments become an issue, things that were usually safe can become a danger to some seniors.

Hiring the help of a home care agency can offer you peace of mind when you cannot be with your senior parent, yet they need daily assistance. Professional caregivers will come in and help your senior so that they are not alone and are able to get important things taken care of in a safe and helpful way.

Here are a few ways that home care can help your senior to be safe:

Home Care Lewisville, TX: How Home Care Can Help Keep Your Senior Safe
Home Care Lewisville, TX: How Home Care Can Help Keep Your Senior Safe

Help prevent falls

Falling is a common concern for adult children of aging seniors at home. Uneven surfaces, unsecured floor rugs, household clutter or debris, and steps and stairwells can all be dangerous for seniors with vision impairments or mobility concerns. Having hired help with your senior at home can be an extra set of eyes keeping a watch for these areas and helping to prevent any trips or falls which can be dangerous and even deadly for seniors.

Keep them safe in the bathroom

When you combine seniors and water, there is a risk for accidents. Especially as they age, it can be more difficult to get in and out of shower or tub enclosures, and water can make surfaces slippery. If there are electrical outlets as well, that can be cause for other concerns too. Seniors with incontinence issues may be rushing to make it to the facilities in time, and all of these things combined make it a good reason to utilize home care so that your senior is as safe as possible at home and in their bathroom.

Kitchen safety

Cooking in the kitchen can also be a safety hazard for seniors. The oven, stove, and microwave all pose risks to seniors who are home alone, and home care aides are well trained and equipped to help with meal preparation and even grocery shopping. They can make sure that your seniors aren’t responsible for using any of the appliances that could get them hurt or cause damage to their home.

Fraud prevention

Another advantage to having hired home care is that someone can be with your senior to help prevent fraudulent situations such as people knocking on the door or phone solicitations. Fraud is a big concern these days and people do prey on older people. If your senior is home alone and has any sort of cognitive impairment, scammers can use that to take advantage of them. Having an adult at home may help your senior parent or loved one become a less likely target for people who have bad intentions.



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