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Four Tips for Setting Self-care Goals

You’re far more likely as a caregiver to get somewhere with self-care if you start to set goals and work toward achieving them. Here are some tips you can use to set those goals and make some progress with them.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Caregiver Lewisville, TX: Four Tips for Setting Self-care Goals
Caregiver Lewisville, TX: Four Tips for Setting Self-care Goals

You may know what your goal is, but if you don’t put a deadline with it you can keep putting off that goal for months or even longer. Your deadline needs to give you actual time to accomplish your goal, but it shouldn’t be so far out that you can forget about it or postpone it. Weekly goals give you a chance to experience frequent success, which can help you to experience the happy feelings that come with that win more often.

Write it All on Paper

Something that can help a lot is to write it all down on paper. What is your goal? Get really specific and include as many details as you can. Why is your goal important to you? Focusing on why your goal is important to you reminds you when it’s difficult why you’re doing this. You might also want to write down what the benefits are going to be when you accomplish your goal. On bad days or days when you don’t want to make progress, you can look back at what you’ve written.

Break Your Goal into Chunks

If your goal is a big one, you might get more traction with it if you break it down into chunks. Setting aside time for yourself sounds like an easy goal, but you might run into roadblocks. Breaking that goal down into restructuring your schedule, hiring home care services for respite care, and then actually taking that time might be the three chunks you break that goal into.

Put it in Your Calendar

The big success is going to happen when you put time in your calendar to go toward your goal. You have a plan that you can tweak as you need to, but until you put time for your goal in your actual calendar you’re not as likely to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Make it an appointment with yourself that you can’t break.

Your self-care is a vital part of allowing you to continue being a caregiver in the long run. If you’re not already paying attention to self-care, eventually something will happen that makes you pay attention to it.


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