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Four Tips for Really Getting a Handle on Caregiving Stress

Stress from caregiving is something that can build up bigger and bigger if you let it. You have to have a plan for how you’re going to approach stress. If you don’t, the stress is going to be doing the driving and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Take the time to figure out now how you can avoid dealing with escalating stress levels.

Get Rid of Perfectionism

Caregiver Richardson, TX: Caregiver Stress
Caregiver Richardson, TX: Caregiver Stress

The biggest problem that a caregiver often puts in their own way is that of striving to be perfect. There’s no perfect caregiver out there, but that alone won’t stop you from trying. It’s not wrong to want to do the absolute best you can for your senior, but you need to veer away from that urge to be perfect. It won’t happen and it will just frustrate you to try.

Formulate a Plan, but Remain Flexible
There’s no way to know everything that will come your way or your senior’s way. Her health can change very quickly and that can leave you feeling as if you’ve missed something important. That’s not to say that you can’t plan for those contingencies, but your plans aren’t always going to go how you expect them to go. Planning will help but remaining flexible about those plans and having backup plans will serve you even better.

Make Sure You’re Taking Care of Yourself
Caregivers hear a lot that they need to be taking better care of themselves because it’s true. It’s just like they tell you on a plane. Adjust your own oxygen mask before you adjust the mask of anyone that’s traveling with you. If you wait until you’ve helped everyone else, you’ll be passed out from lack of oxygen. Don’t let that happen to you as a caregiver, because it will be disastrous.

Positivity Will Help
Positivity doesn’t solve everything, but it can help your overall mood. You can choose to be miserable in any given situation or you can choose to see the bright side. This doesn’t mean that you’re avoiding reality at all, by the way. It simply means that even in the face of negative situations, you’re choosing to remain as positive as you can.

Dealing with your stress before it takes you out is crucial when you’re a caregiver. These techniques give you the bare bones that you can build on to create your own plan that works with your unique situation.

Excerpt: Stress is part of caregiving to a certain extent, but you can deal with it.

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