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Four Foods That Are More Likely to Cause Food Poisoning

Senior Care Mckinney, TX: Food Poisoning
Senior Care Mckinney, TX: Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can affect anyone, but it’s more likely to cause harm in older men and women who have weakened immune systems. If your parents have a chronic health condition, it’s very important that you avoid foods that are often linked to cases of food poisoning.

#1 – Eggs

The inside of an egg is protected from bacteria. The shells, however, may be covered in bacteria. Salmonella is one of the common risks of eggs. Eggs need to be kept cold in a refrigerator that is no warmer than 40 degrees.

Washing the outer shell of the egg can help spread salmonella. When your parent cracks them, they need to do it on a flat surface. This helps eliminate the risk of driving a tiny piece of shell into the egg, which raises the risk of getting salmonella in the egg. Eggs should be fully cooked before eating them.

#2 – Greens

Spinach and lettuce are often in the news for having some type of bacteria. E. coli is one of the common ones. As people eat lettuce raw, it’s one of the riskiest vegetables. Make sure your parents wash the greens they bring home from the store or stand. When possible, have your parents grow it themselves. They can control the quality.

Spinach is another of the vegetables you often see in news reports. Cooking it can help prevent some cases of food poisoning, but not all of them. If your parents love spinach, they should grow it themselves or ask a local farm what methods are used to water and fertilize the soil the spinach grows in.

#3 – Meats

Make sure all of the meats your parents eat have been cooked to the proper temperature. Aim for at least 145 degrees F for pork or beef. If they’ve been ground in the store, you want those meats to be at 160 F or higher. Poultry needs to be cooked to 165 F.

#4 – Unpasteurized Milk and Its Products

Any milk that hasn’t been pasteurized to kill bacteria can carry bacteria like cryptosporidium, E. coli, listeria, and salmonella. If you make products with the unpasteurized milk, the bacteria is still going to be there.

Cheese is one of the risks. Some of the cheeses that are made with raw milk are blue cheese, brie, feta, and queso fresco. Raw milk may also be used to make yogurt or ice cream.

It may be safer to hire senior care aides to cook your parents’ meals for them. Your parents don’t have to try to rush cooking something and risk food poisoning. Caregivers can also put away foods immediately after getting home from the store or after cooking dinner.

Senior care services are one of the best ways to ensure your parents age safely and happily in their home. It helps them retain their independence. Call now to talk about senior care services and prices.

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