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Five Stress Factors You Can Do Something About

It’s one thing to be stressed out and unable to change anything about that fact. It’s another entirely to be able to adjust your stressors. Here’s what you can do something about as a caregiver.

Emotions Are Trying to Get Your Attention

Home Care Mckinney, TX: Five Stress Factors You Can Do Something About
Home Care Mckinney, TX: Five Stress Factors You Can Do Something About

Emotions are an easy problem to resolve, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. When you’re struggling with feelings you don’t understand and that you don’t even want, all those feelings need is for you to acknowledge them. You don’t really even have to do anything about them. They’re something you just need to notice.

You’re Doing a Lot on Your Own
You might not even realize how much you’re doing completely on your own. You probably hit your task list running at the beginning of the day and just charge through as much as you can. But if you’re not delegating, you’re missing out on a big solution for stress reduction. It might be time to start working with home care providers and seeing just how they can help you and your elderly family member.

Responsibilities Outnumber You
Odds are pretty good that you’re not just a caregiver. You have a lot of other responsibilities, too, even if that involves just going to a full-time job of your own. Those other responsibilities require time and energy, too, just as caregiving does. When your responsibilities are out of balance, though, that’s going to be a stressful situation.

Perfectionism Is a Problem
Very few situations really demand perfection and caregiving is definitely not one of them. While you want to do everything as well as possible for your senior, nothing has to be perfect. If you keep trying to get to perfect, you’re going to put even more unnecessary stress on yourself. Take it easy on yourself and remember that sometimes good enough is just perfect on its own.

Downtime Doesn’t Exist
Are you taking time away? If you’re not, that’s a significant source of stress for you. Everyone needs regular breaks, even from caregiving. You have other interests and other needs and that is okay. You’re not a bad person if you take time away from caregiving. You can, however, create so much stress for yourself by not taking time away that you wind up burning out. That does nothing for you or for your senior.

Understanding what’s creating stress for you gives you a chance to resolve those problems. Take steps now to reduce your stress levels where you can actually control the variables.

Excerpt: You can’t always do something about your stressors, so it’s important to act when you can.

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