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Communication Tips When Your Senior Has Hearing Loss

When your senior doesn’t hear well, that can impact your relationship. Instead of opting not to talk, try some of these ideas to make communication easier for both of you.

Eye Contact and Body Language Both Help

Elderly Care Garland, TX: Communication Tips When Your Senior Has Hearing Loss
Elderly Care Garland, TX: Communication Tips When Your Senior Has Hearing Loss

When your senior can’t hear well, making eye contact and paying attention to her body language can help a lot. Using your hands and facial expressions when you talk to her helps, too. In fact, one of the reasons your senior might not realize how much her hearing has changed could have to do with these two factors. It’s all part of helping her to capture as much of the conversation as possible.

Louder Isn’t Necessarily Helpful

One mistake that lots of people make when they find out someone has hearing issues is that of trying to speak louder. But that doesn’t help as much as you might think because speaking louder sometimes distorts your voice and your words. That just adds to the confusion instead of helping in any way.

Extra Noise Makes the Situation More Complicated

Excess noises, particularly background noise, competes with whatever your senior is trying to hear. If the background noise is extremely complex, your senior might not be able to distinguish what she’s trying to hear at all. If possible, try to reduce or do away with background noise entirely.

Don’t Rush the Conversation

If you’re trying to talk quickly or you’re otherwise rushing the conversation, that’s just asking for more trouble with comprehension. Talking much faster than usual is going to make it more difficult for your senior to follow along and might even sound like you’re merging words into a sound that is completely unfamiliar for her. Try to find a medium ground.

Hearing Aids Aren’t Perfect

Lots of people get hearing aids and think that’s going to solve all of their hearing-related issues. The problem is that hearing aids are an assistive device. They’re not a perfect tool. Sometimes they don’t work right or the sounds that they amplify aren’t always the ones your senior wants to hear. Your senior might find them uncomfortable or might have the settings off by a little bit. So just wearing hearing aids isn’t going to make her hear all that she’s been missing.

Your senior might find that it’s easy for her to communicate with elderly care providers, even with hearing loss. They understand what it’s like for your senior and they’re able to modify what they do to match up with what she needs.


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