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Can Aromatherapy Really Help Calm an Agitated Parent?

Elderly Care Mckinney, TX: Aromatherapy and Calming an Agitated Parent
Elderly Care Mckinney, TX: Aromatherapy and Calming an Agitated Parent

Agitation often goes hand in hand with dementia. Alzheimer’s patients are particularly prone to agitated outbursts due to frustration or fear. Have you tried easing agitation with aromatherapy? It often works well for some older people who are extremely agitated.

What Do the Studies Show?

Actual studies into the health benefits of aromatherapy are limited. In 2008, Ohio State University studied the effects of lavender and lemon on a group of adults. The goal was to see if the scents offered any relief from stress and anxiety.

The group of 56 people was split into three groups. Some were exposed to lemon essential oil, others lavender oil, and some were exposed to a scent-free oil. The group that was exposed to lemon did show their levels of stress hormones dipped after smelling the lavender.

A second study looked at the effects of aromatherapy on people with heart disease. This 2010 study by the Eulji University Hospital in Korea exposed people with heart disease to Roman chamomile, lavender, and neroli oil.

In this second study, 30 patients were exposed to aromatherapy and 30 were not. Those who were in the aromatherapy group rated the level of their anxiety as a 6 to start and it dropped to a 1 after exposure to the scents. The control group rated their level of anxiety as a 6 to start and it dropped to a 3 after they received the placebo treatment.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Try

Aromatherapy may not work for everyone, but it could help a lot. Lavender and chamomile are soothing scents that seem to work best. A diffuser makes it easy to fill a room with the scent using just a few drops of essential oil and distilled water.

You could also make a spray by mixing distilled water and essential oil and spraying your mom or dad’s pillow and bedding. This can help them relax when it’s time for bed.

When you’re drying your parents’ clothing in the dryer, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a cloth and let that scent the clothing, towels, and sheets in the laundry. You can do the same with any other essential oil.

In addition to lavender and chamomile, rose, jasmine, bergamot orange, ylang-ylang, and clary sage are known to be calming scents. Try them one at a time and see which reduces agitation the best for your parent.

Have You Considered Elderly Care?

Your parent may feed off your stress and become easily agitated. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed being a family caregiver, your parent may notice your mood. Is it time for a break?

Elderly care aides are there to help your parents while you take a break. Call a specialist today to learn more about the prices and services a local elderly care agency offers.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Elderly Care Mckinney, TX please contact the caring staff at Althea Home care today at 972-245-4458.


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