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Activities For Seniors Who Have Limited Mobility

Home Care Allen, TX: Seniors Who Have Limited Mobility
Home Care Allen, TX: Seniors Who Have Limited Mobility

Older adults with mobility issues can have a hard time finding ways to fill their time and still feel useful. Having a disability can mean that getting out of the house is difficult and that some of the things they once did around the home are now more difficult. If your aging relative spends a great deal of their time just sitting around, hiring home care can make it possible for them to do activities that would be hard to do on their own. Below are just a few of the activities a home care provider can do with your aging relative.

Read Books

Reading is an activity that older adults can enjoy no matter what their physical abilities are. However, having a physical disability can make it hard for the older adult to get to the library or a bookstore to get new books. A home care provider can drive the senior to get new books and help them to carry them into the house. If they have trouble reading because of poor eyesight, a home care provider can read to them.

Learn a New Craft

Crafting is an excellent way to pass the time and give your aging relative a sense of purpose. They can make crafts as gifts for friends and family, to sell at craft shows, or to donate to charitable organizations. If the senior doesn’t currently have a craft they enjoy doing, a home care provider can help them to learn a new one by driving them to a class or helping them find tutorials and instructions on the Internet. Home care providers can also drive them to a store to purchase supplies.


Even if your older family member is in a wheelchair, they can still grow a garden. Home care providers can help them to plant flowers and vegetables in containers that can be kept on the deck or porch where they are easy to get to. Home care providers can do the heavy lifting while the senior does easier tasks, like picking the vegetables or using a small container to water the plants.

Play Games

Games aren’t just for children. Older adults often enjoy playing games, too. And, they’re a great way to keep the brain active and healthy. Home care providers can play board games, card games, and even video games with your aging relative. Or, if they senior is part of a card club, a home care provider can drive them to the club meetings.

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